A Christmas tutorial

A few years ago my friend Jen taught me how to make baked brie (because along with being a great baker she is also a super cook).   Anyways, since then I have been bringing this to most of the parties we get invited to.  In fact, I think the only reason we get invited is because we bring the brie.  Everyone is so impressed that I am so super skilled.

Well prepare to be impressed again.  I thought in time for the holiday parties I would do a little tutorial.  If I really wanted to be in time for the parties this would have gone up a week ago, but whatever.  Don't say I never give you anything.

1.  You need:  puff pastry sheets (you can buy the stuff you have to roll out too, but this is so much easier), a brie wheel (this size is 400g), and any topping you like (I like hot red pepper jelly, but you can use any kind of jam/chutney you feel goes with brie)

Yes, I think President's Choice should be paying me for advertising too.
2.  Defrost your puff pastry and roll it out and place your brie in the middle of the sheet

3.  Put a generous amount of your chosen topping on the brie

4.  Wrap the pastry around the brie and topping

There's no exact science to this but avoid any gaps, your topping and melted cheese will ooze out while baking.
5.  Bake according to the instructions of your chosen pastry


I know, rocket science.  Y'all are like "THAT'S IT?  We've been inviting her to all these parties for the brie and that's ALL we had to do to make it ourselves?"

Yes.  You've been inviting me for nothing.

Merry Christmas, suckers.

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