Our trip to Japan - Osaka

 Osaka was our next stop, an easy 30 minutes on the train from Kyoto.  We were very lucky that a friend of Dave's from a Contiki tour he took in Europe many years ago, Tomo, lives in Osaka and was kind enough to take us around.  Nothing beats having a local guide to show you the city!

Osaka Castle

Me and Tomo

Tomo and Dave at the top of the castle
After the castle Tomo took us for some Okonomiyaki.  This was my first time trying these Japanese pancake type things and they are delicious.

The chefs

The restaurant was right by this observatory (I can't remember what it was called).  But the night view of the city was amazing.

Osaka at night
Our hotel wasn't far from the city hotspot called Shin Sai Bashi.  Lights, bars, shops, restaurants, and lots and lots of people.

Look at dude's crazy hair on the left
Shopping arcade, see what I mean about lots of people?  As far as the eye can see...

Died and gone to Asahi heaven

Thanks to Tomo and her husband we got to try something that wasn't in our guidebook.  More on that next post.

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  1. It was lovely to see an old friend and had a great time together with his partner and my partner.
    Osaka is full of enegy and people are friendly like Okomoniyaki's chef. But I am not yet good at walking undergdound of Umeda area. How come people can reach their final destination easily there??