The cake of my kindergarten dreams

Okay, so as if to prove that I reaaaallly am deficient in the area of talent, like an hour after my last post I see THIS on Facebook:

Mena's birthday cake
If you were turning 3 (or 30), wouldn't you just think you died and went to heaven if this was your birthday cake???  My friend Amy in Chicago spent some serious man hours rolling out a truckload of fondant to build this castle dream cake for her daughter Mena's 3rd birthday.  Some kids who's birthdays are close to Christmas kind of get ripped off or lost in the shuffle of such a busy time of year (just ask Dave who's birthday is the 22nd which, now that I think of it, also happens to be the birthday of Mena's dad Nick), but it looks like Christmas takes a back seat to Mena around this castle.

Mena was wearing the same dress as this cake topper Mini Mena at her party.  Could this cake be any more perfect?

I have to find me some talent.  Or maybe I just need less talented friends so that I don't seem so lame.

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  1. that is every little girl's dream cake! i can't believe Amy made that...maybe I should order through her next time...