Yum Yum

I wish I had a talent.   You know, like to be super amazing at something.  I'm not fishing for compliments here, I don't need you, my friends, to post comments like "Well remember when you got 98% in ninth grade typing" or "Remember you scored Perfect for Viva La Vida at karaoke" (both true).  But the truth is, I'm generally just "okay" at a lot of things, "good" at some things, and "really good" at one or two things (ie Viva la Vida at Karaoke and typing) and its gotten me through life okay so far.

Now my friend Jen is an AMAZING baker.  You might remember her from such hits as "My Wedding Cake":

Both beautiful and tasty, you know how you're supposed to save the top layer for a year?
Dave and I ate it the next week....but really who wants a year old, freezer burnt cake?
And "My Wedding cookie Favours"

Don't get me started on my wedding photographers
Yes, so artsy--cookies by a dirty window

When I asked for cookies for my niece who really likes princesses:

And when I asked her for cookies as a thank you for people who sponsored me in a run (okay for me it was more like a walk) for cancer that I did for my dad:

I was just kind of thinking round cookies with thank you written on them.
See what I mean about talented?

Anyways, she's is doing a little Xmas giveaway on her blog here for six of these bad boys:

Yummy gingerbread snowflakes

I thought I would dilute my chances of winning by letting everyone in on it.  Nothing wrong with a little friendly competition.  I've already distributed my winnings in my head, "one for Dave, five for me!"  See, its probably better if I don't win.  

While you're there, check out her other cakes and cookies.  And then take solace in the fact that you were the fastest, most error free typist in your ninth grade class.