Testing one...two...three

Okay, so this is blog take three...or maybe four.  I've tried to start blogging many times in the past but always abandoned it and deleted all posts.  Or at least I think I've deleted them, out there in cyber space is probably a graveyard of posts that I think are gone and probably still exist.  Which could be embarrassing.  Luckily I have no aspirations to become president.

I used to keep a diary, many many diaries.  And then in a fit of madness one day in my twenties, I threw them all away -  which makes me really sad.  I would love to re-read then now, especially since I seem to have some major holes in my memory these days.  Although I think a lot of entries were kind of mean and usually written when I was really pissed about something.

Anyways.  Welcome.  I'm a (slightly) nicer person now.  Watch me shop, make, bitch and moan.  I know I'm getting older, but wiser is debatable.

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