Checking the mailbox

Our mail does not get delivered to our door.  It gets delivered to a communal mailbox for our building which is about half a block away from our door.  Which means we check the mail about once a week.   It's usually all flyers and junk so its not really worth the trip in most cases.

But I have been checking the mail everyday for a week now because last week I ordered this magazine.

And I am dying to get it.  I must know how to make that quilt on the front.  Regardless of the fact that I have only made one tiny quilt with only straight lines before.  And regardless of the fact that said quilt is still not finished.  And regardless of the fact that I will probably never make this amazing hexagon quilt.

I just have to know.

I'm obsessed with the idea of quilting and have been hoarding all sorts of fabrics to start quilting.  I have  imposed a rule that I can't buy any more fabric until I make at least one quilt.  I hate rules.

Those little owls in the corner are pretty cute too.

Want. Magazine. Now.


  1. Hey there Suej'. Shannon knows how to quilt and has made a couple herself. Maybe she can help you with the hexagon quilt...or at the very least help you finish your "tiny" quilt.

  2. hey sj! i remember you telling me about the quilt ~5 months ago. :) now that we know about it...you've got to finish it and then post a pic on the blog. :)