The Squirrel's Workshop

I have a confession to make.

I am a hoarder.

I can't throw anything away for fear that I will need it one day.  Like those size 26 jeans that I can't even get a toe in any more.  I'm like "Well you never know!"  As an aside, in my twenties, all I had to do to lose 5 lbs was skip lunch.  Now I gain 5 lbs from looking at a slice of cheesecake.  Ah youth.

Anyways, back to my problem.  I am precariously close to being featured on one of those hoarding shows on TV.  The problem is made worse by the fact that I have a bunch of different hobbies I've picked up in the last few years (when I was unemployed, a different story altogether), like are sewing and knitting.  Both require a lot of supplies, and nothing brings more joy to the hoarder than the word "supplies".

n. pl. sup·plies
1. The act of supplying.
2. Something that is or can be supplied.
3. An amount available or sufficient for a given use; stock.
4. Materials or provisions stored and dispensed when needed. Often used in the plural.

We're only interested in definition 4, which means I STORE it because I NEED it.

Now that we have that straight, on to my work area.  I use that term loosely because it is such a disaster that I can't actually do any work there.  My mom recently came over and as my work area also doubles as our guest room, she was treated to a lovely sight.  I apologized for the mess and she just laughed and said that's what a squirrel's workshop looks like.  Because squirrels are hoarders too.

This weekend I hit the point where I couldn't deal with the squirrel's workshop any longer.  It took me all day yesterday but I made it a workable space again.

BEFORE (so embarrassing):


It's not perfect, but I feel like I can breathe again.

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