Time flies when you dread tomorrow....

I wish I could freeze time.  Then Thursday would never come, it would just be Tuesday forever.

Why is it that time drags when you are waiting for something good, like the end of the work day, the weekend, or a vacation and then time flies when there is something awful in wings, like an exam, a root canal, and when your dad has to has to have his bladder removed.  

Things I've been thinking about the last few weeks when I haven't been able to sleep at night:

- Running away with my dad, changing our names and hiding out somewhere in South America where Cancer can't find us.  Like witness protection.  Sending word to my mom and Dave when the coast is clear and my dad is safe.

- Wishing Cancer was a person so I could kick the shit out of him.  I only say him because I don't think I could kick the shit out of a woman.  It would probably be easier, but it just seems rude somehow.  Having never kicked the shit out of anyone before, I'd probably have to train.  I think I'd ask Georges St. Pierre to train me.  I know he's busy doing his own man-grappling training, but I think if I told him I wanted to beat up Cancer he'd probably help me.

- Making mental lists of people who deserve to have cancer more than my dad.  Murderers, rapists, pedophiles, Kim Jong Il.  I know, I get it, life is not fair.

- Logan from Veronica Mars.

Thank you for all your messages, phones calls and emails.   Your words of encouragement and support have come at a time when I have felt more afraid, sad and desperate than I ever have.  

If you pray, please pray for my dad.
If you hope, please keep your fingers crossed.
If you speak, say Fuck you Cancer once out loud preferably where someone else can hear you.  That's for me.  I like swearing and I hate Cancer.  Trust me, it will make me feel better.

Okay.  See you on the other side.

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