so little and then so much.....

What?  August already?  Second week of August even!

No posting for a while because at first, nothing was really going on....nothing worth posting anyways....just the regular hum drum stuff....work, eat, sleep, repeat.

Then all of a sudden too much was happening.  And all at once.  I can't get into it all really because some of it really sucked and I don't have the energy to go through it all at the moment.

One thing of note is that I've started seeing a naturopath.  And she discovered that I have some food intolerances - to gluten, eggs, and dairy and recommended that I cut all three out of my diet.  And for those of you who know me, you know that I've been a vegetarian for almost 20 years now.  So I have now effectively become a vegan and pretty much the worst dinner guest ever.  Or the best because I think I'm just going to start brown bagging it to dinner parties.

Gluten is in EVERYTHING.  For instance soy sauce should actually be called Wheat sauce, because if you've ever read the ingredients, they go in this order "water, wheat, soy.....".  I know - who knew?

So it's been about two months and to be honest, I do feel better.  How better?  I can't explain, but I just feel better.   That is, when I'm not effing starving.  No gluten, eggs, or dairy effectively means no baked goods.  No cupcakes, cookies, banana bread, pie...I think you get the picture.  It has really cut down on my extra-curricular eating.  Like do you ever just buy yourself something to eat when you are at the mall, just for the sake of eating?  For me it was always a pretzel or some kind of baked snack.  Now there is pretty much next to nothing for me to eat at your average mall food court.  Which I guess is not a bad thing.

from projectwedding.com
I don't know what would happen if you put those in front of my face right now.  Like if I would even bother using my hands or if I would just smash my whole face into that plate mouth wide open.

And cheeeeeese....I want cheese.  Brie, parmesan, chedder, omg I'll even take disgusting Velveeta.

Okay enough, this post is just making me sad.

I discovered Bunners on the internet today and I can't wait to get over to the junction to check it out.  It is a gluten-free vegan bakery and the reviews are fantastic.  I'll let you know.  Although if you were to put frosting on a potato right now I would probably savour every bite.

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  1. VH Soy Sauce is gluten free!