Proof that persistence pays off

Ever since I first used a serger at the workroom, several years ago now, I knew I had to have one.  Well, maybe I should back this up a bit.  The first time I ever tried using a sewing machine was at the workroom.  I took a beginner sewing class with Karyn who is pretty much my crafty idol, and she taught us how to use a sewing machine and make a pillow case.  Since then I've taken a few more classes with her and also became the proud owner of my own sewing machine a Bernina Activa 230 which I love love love.

In one of those classes I was introduced to the serger.  Having never used one before I was amazed by how it neatened up all your work and made it very professional looking.  I had to have one.  No matter that I didn't actually NEED one and the one that I wanted was well over $1000.  I just started telling Dave that I had to have it.  It didn't really help that I couldn't really describe what it does..."you know, makes all your sewing better"  "How?"  "you know, by making it all neat and stuff".

It actually just started to become like when I would ask my parents for a puppy when I was younger.  Kind of like second nature, almost absentminded.  "So are we going to get my serger today?" "no" " Oh, tomorrow then?".  Maybe not daily, but on at least a bi-weekly basis, I would ask about the delivery status of my serger.

Well this year for Christmas:  Tah Dah!  Someone (Dave) got tired of someone else (me) asking for a serger all the time.  Look at the new addition to the squirrel's workshop:

Bernina 1150MDA

Don't they look lovely together?  Both were purchased from Karyn at the workroom.

I don't really know how to thread it yet, or do most of the stitches or anything with it, but that's not the point.  It's mine.  I kind of have the best husband ever.  And the lag time on getting what I want is only about two years or so....so by 2013, I should be getting that diamond tiara I've started asking for.

I'm taking a t-shirt making class at the workroom in May, so that serger will be seeing some t-shirt making action then.

In other news, I got all the supplies for my next knitting project in the mail today:

I know.  Dave says that being married to me is like being married to a 60 year old.  

I'm pretty sure he means that in a good way.


  1. what a great set up!! you are ready for any possible craft mission that might come your way.

  2. haha.. Well Dave is pretty lucky, cause you are the best looking 60 year old I've ever seen!