I wish this was MY name.....


OMG I can't stop saying it.  I think it's spelled with a C but I have deliberately misspelled it so that if he/she googles him/herself, it won't lead him/her to my blog, and thereby leading me to be fired, as I came across this person's name in the line of work last week.  Not that I should be fired for loving a name so much.  I just worry that this post may be construed as sarcastic and that said person might think that by saying I LOVE his/her name, I am actually saying I DO NOT love it.  But I DO love it.  Man I wish it were my name.

If it were my name, I could name my blog MackieMakapanpan.com and start a Mackie Makapanpan Empire.  I don't know what that empire would consist of, but it would be awesome.

But since it's too late for me,  after work that day I asked Dave if we ever have a kid if we could name him/her Mackie Makapanpan Mun.  He said no.  So then I asked how about just Mackie Mun.  He said WHAT THE...NO.  I said but it's my DREAM to name my kid Mackie Makapanpan Mun, and he said how can it be your dream, you never even heard of that name until today.  

Well, guess what smarty-pants.  If we have a kid I get a year off for maternity leave.  SO, you might think your kid's name is Dave or Ashley or whatever "normal" name you come up with.  But all day long while you're at work, I'm going to be calling our kid by his/her SECRET REAL name--Mackie Makapanpan (Mun).  And you'll be wondering why he/she never turns around when you call him/her by what you THINK is his/her name.

I win (again).

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  1. LOVE it! Boy Dave did you ever think this is what you said "I do" to. You gotta get up extra early to beat this girl!

    Way to go Suej' Makapanpan!